19th October, SundayReblog

Black Rose. Rosa hesperrhodos.
18th October, SaturdayReblog
18th October, SaturdayReblog
18th October, SaturdayReblog

i got tagged to write five things i like about myself so here:

  1. i think i’m a p good stylist/costume designer and i always try to make sure i do exactly what the production designer and director want. i love doing it and making sure it pulls the character together. 
  2. i’m a good friend and i usually put literally everyone before me. i will go to the ends of the universe for ya. 
  3. GREAT GIFT GIVER OFF TOP I’m great and i love giving people gifts
  4. i think my eyes are a cool shape so ya 
  5. im p smart & can have a conversation about almost anything

do this  the-noblestroman hauntedcoffeehaus kaylaxvx lavenderandwallflowers roza-in-red

18th October, SaturdayReblog
18th October, SaturdayReblog

Miles McMillan backstage at Lincoln Center ph| Brent Luvaas

literally just did a deep sign like wtf u are rude


i’m honestly so sad about how my life’s turning out, it doesn’t really look like it’s ever going to be better

18th October, SaturdayReblog